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Per Arizona Revised Statute 15-802, every child between the ages of six and sixteen years shall be instructed in reading, grammar, science, math and social studies. A parent (or person with legal custody) who chooses to homeschool their child, must file a notarized Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool (PDF) within 30 days of beginning instruction (Please note that on-site notary services are provided at no cost (BY APPOINTMENT ONLYwith valid picture identificationPart of filing the Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool includes providing the Coconino County Superintendent of Schools with the child’s original state-issued birth certificate. Copies of the child’s birth certificate are not accepted. If you submit the homeschool affidavit by mail, the original, state-issued birth certificate will be mailed back to you.

*Please call 928-679-8070 or email to make an appointment for notary services or mail the notarized affidavit and original, state-issued birth certificate to:

Coconino County Superintendent of Schools
Attn: Cheryl Mango-Paget
2384 N Steves Boulevard
Flagstaff, AZ 86004


Within 30 days you are required to notify this office of an address change or of the termination of homeschool (or private school) instruction. Complete and submit the Homeschool Withdrawal or Homeschool Information Change Form (PDF) to notify this office of an address change or of homeschool termination. Notification must be done within 30 days.


If you are sending your student to a private school, please complete the Private School Affidavit of Intent (PDF) To notify us of an address change or of withdrawal from a private school, please download and submit the Private School Withdrawal or Private School Information Change Form (PDF).

Other resources:

Public School Enrollment Discrimination

If you have experienced discrimination when enrolling your child in a public or charter school, please report the instance to the federal Office of Civil Rights based in Denver, Colorado through the below link.

 County District Contacts