Inmate Accounts

How do I put money on an inmate's account?

There are two kinds of accounts for inmates:  1) Trust / Commissary Account and 2) Prepaid / Phone Account

Trust / Commissary Account

This is the inmate account that is used to purchase commissary items and pay for medical services within the county jail. Funds may be transferred by the inmate to the Prepaid account. This money is released to the inmate in the form of a check when they are released. To learn more, go to Inmate Commissary 

Prepaid / Phone Account

This inmate account is for making phone calls, video visitation, and tablet usage.  Money cannot be transferred to the Trust/Commissary Account. This money must be collected by contacting Telmate Customer service at the phone number listed below.

​Deposit Money Via Jail Lobby Kiosk

Use the Telmate Kiosk at the Jail Lobby
You can make a deposit on an inmate's account by using the Telmate Kiosk located in the lobby of our Flagstaff or Page Detention Facilities (Flagstaff Facility - 951 East Sawmill Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, or Page, AZ Facility 713 Tunnel Rd, Page, AZ 86040). The kiosk is available to make deposits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, barring unforeseen emergencies. The Telmate Kiosk accepts cash, credit cards, or debit cards.  A government issued ID is required to use the kiosk.

Deposit Money Via Internet

You may use a credit or debit card to place funds on an inmate’s trust/commissary account or phone account via the internet.  To use this method, go to Telmate online. 

Deposit Money by Calling Telmate Customer Service 

You may use a credit or debit card to place funds on an inmate's trust/commissary account by calling directly to Telmate Customer Service at 866-516-0115. 

How long before the funds are available?

When money is placed into an inmate's trust account, money owed for services (for example, medical co-pays while in custody) will be automatically deducted from the account first. The remaining money is available to buy commissary items or phone time.

Funds may take up to 72 hours to transfer to an inmate’s commissary account. As a result, funds may not be available for commissary purchases immediately.

All transactions handled by the money transfer agents require a service/convenience fee. Coconino County Sheriff’s Office does not receive any of these fees.

Upon release from the jail, an inmate will receive the balance of any remaining funds in the account in the form of a check.