AZ Standards Resource List

The resources included below will change as the Innovation & Development Department discovers new or better ones, but for now, these are the links that seem most useful to us in our work to understand, implement, and teach the AZ State Standards in the year ahead. The purpose here is not to question the standards, but to help us lead -- ourselves and others -- through the next few years in a way that makes sense and makes a difference.

Understanding and Implementing the AZ State Standards

  1. The AZ State Standards and Related Resources
  2. The AZ State Standards Explained (Video)
  3. AzMERIT Homepage
  4. Teaching the AZ Standards 101 (Report)
  5. Four Myths About the ELA Common-Core Standards
  6. Edutopia AZ Standards Resources
  7. Education Week AZ Standards Resources and Coverage
  8. Educators Evaluating Quality Instructional Products (EQuIP)

AZ State Standards Instructional Resources

  1. AZ Standards Curriculum Maps and Resources
  2. Educators Evaluating Quality Instructional Products (EQuIP)
  3. EngageNY
  4. Achieve the Core
  5. Teaching the Core
  6. The Common Core Companion: The Standards Decoded, Jim Burke
  7. The Common Core English Language Arts in a PLC at Work, Grades 9-12 by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
  8. Robert Marzano AZ Standards Resources