Coconino County has Earthquakes!

The northern Arizona Seismic Belt, which bisects Coconino County, hosts the greatest concentration of active faults in the state and is the most seismically active region in Arizona.

Each time an earthquake occurs in Arizona, the news media and public asks, “Does Arizona have earthquakes?” Short answer: Yes!

In comparison with California, Nevada, and Utah, major earthquakes here are infrequent. But each year, hundreds of earthquakes do occur in and around Arizona. Taking steps now to prepare your family and home will help mitigate the effects of moderate to severe earth shaking.

Join us for the Arizona ShakeOut on October 19th, 2017.

Picture: Get Ready to ShakeOut. October 19, 2017 Register Now at www.ShakeOut.

Updated: 8/14/2017

Created: 8/14/2017