IT Business Applications

The internal service IT division, Business Applications, is responsible for fulfilling the information and service needs of the County by providing leadership in acquiring, deploying, and maintaining high quality, cost-effective and timely solutions. The effective selection, implementation, and management of the County’s software applications are critical in attaining a high level of staff productivity, cost-effective service delivery, efficient business processes, and a return on the County’s technology investment.

Service Delivery Areas

The Coconino County Information Technology Business Applications division provides support in four primary areas:

  1. IT services internal department computer application review and assessment services includes the review and assessment of all new internal County computer application acquisitions to ensure that the system complies with the County’s standards.
  2. Project Management Services for consistent implementation of new applications and systems.
  3. Database Administration Services includes the configuration, management, and upgrade of the County’s standard databases (Microsoft SQL).
  4. Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Services includes coordinating with vendors, customer interfaces, application configuration and management, and report creation for the County’s third party commercial software applications. The Business Systems team works closely with the user departments to define and communicate requirements to the COTS vendors.