Code Violations and Enforcement


Code violations are typically uses or structures on a property that do not meet the requirements set forth in the Coconino County Zoning Ordinance. Code violations can devalue, degrade, and detract from the quality of any neighborhood. The County Zoning Ordinance has standards based on protecting the public health, safety, and welfare.

Coconino County investigates all reports of violations in a timely and efficient manner. In order to expend our resources in the most appropriate and effective manner, it is important to distinguish the difference between what IS a violation and what is NOT a violation.

Common Ordinance Violations:

  • The storage of building materials, equipment, tires, auto parts, appliances, household refuse, etc. that are not shielded from public view.
  • Inoperable, disabled, abandoned, unlicensed vehicles.
  • Too many horses or other farm animals, or the keeping of animals in a zoning district where they are not permitted.
  • Grading, erecting, or reconstructing buildings, placement of manufactured homes or sheds, etc. without the proper permits.
  • Establishment of multiple dwelling units on a single family residential property.
  • Placement of a travel trailer, recreational vehicle, or camping on vacant property without a permit.
  • Commercial uses in residential areas.
  • Setback and separation distance violation for structures.

What is NOT a Violation:

  • Any vehicle that is licensed and operable (trucks, off-road vehicles, travel trailers, etc.) even if it looks unattractive or unsightly.
  • Violations of CC&R’s (deed restrictions).
  • Storage of firewood maintained for personal use by the occupant of the premises.
  • Any outdoor storage that is appropriately screened
  • Fences that meet the setback and height requirements as outlined in the Coconino County Zoning Ordinance*
  • Detached storage sheds that are 120 square feet or less that meet the setback and separation distances for the appropriate Zoning on your parcel*
  • Excessive barking or dogs at large. Please contact Animal Management, (928) 679-8756.
  • Any criminal activities including nuisances and disturbing the peace. Please contact the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, (928) 679-5012.

Please view the Zoning Violations Brochure for more information or contact a code enforcement officer at (928) 679-8856. Requests cannot be anonymous or they will not be responded to. A staff member will be in touch with you to follow up.