Small Estate Probate

The Clerk of Superior Court handles the timely processing of probates within Coconino County.   The forms that are available here are used for the handling of small estates, as defined by Arizona State Statute.   Please read the paperwork carefully to ensure that the estate falls under this small estate category.  The Clerk of the Superior Court's Office is prohibited by law from providing legal advice regarding the use of these forms.  ​

Affidavit for Transfer of Real Property

​This affidavit is used for transferring the title/deed to real property.   For estate purposes, real property is referring to land and time shares.  This form, once filled out with the required documents included, will be returned to the Clerk of Superior Court's Office.  Please read the full instructions in order to complete the process without errors.  The Recorder's Office will require a certified copy of the Affidavit to start the process of transferring the title.  The filer of the document, not the Clerk of the Superior Court, is responsible to deliver the certified copy to the Recorder's Office.  The required cover sheet, affidavit, and instructions are attached here.

Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property

​This affidavit is used for transferring ownership or collecting of personal property.  Examples of personal property would be vehicles, bank accounts, and the like.  This form will not be returned to the Clerk of Superior Court.  This form, once properly completed, is provided to the person or entity that is controlling the property, such as the Motor Vehicle Department or banking institution.  The document is attached here. 

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