Mobile Services

Mobile Service Days
The County Assessor, Treasurer and Recorder Office's are partnering together to provide general county services closer to you!

This fall we will be in Fredonia, Page, Williams, Sedona, and throughout Flagstaff offering our services. The Recorder and Treasurer will also be at a temporary location at the Flagstaff Mall.  No cash accepted at mobile sites.

2019 Fall Schedule


Stay tuned for dates and times beginning in Fall 2019.


A temporary office next to JCPenney will be open this Fall

Hours: M-F, 10am - 5pm on the following dates:

Stay tuned for dates and times beginning in Fall 2019.


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Review Property Values

Inquire about Exemptions

Sign up for E-Notices

Update mailing address


Pay Property Taxes (NO CASH)

Enroll in a payment plan

Review tax and payment history

Obtain copies of annual notices


Record documents

Review and purchase records

Register to Vote

Update Voter information


NO CASH payments will be accepted at locations

Fees apply to all Credit/Debit card transactions

Exemptions will be applied to 2019

Last day to register to vote in the General Election is October 9, 2018

Please contact us for details on any documents to bring

What Do I Need To Bring

Please bring any documents that reference your account or parcel number, and a valid form of ID. Other documents may be required to utilize services.

Recording A Document

Most recorded documents will need to be notarized in advance. If recording a Deed of Sale, you will need to bring an affidavit of property value. Fees apply to record a document. Click here for a complete list of fees for recording a document. (insert link to For additional information, please contact the Recorder’s Office at (928) 679-7850 or toll free at (800) 793-6181.

Voter Registration

If it is your first time registering to vote in Arizona or you have moved from another county in Arizona, you must bring with you proof of citizenship. The following is a list of acceptable documents to establish your citizenship:

  • Arizona driver license or nonoperating identification license issued after October 1, 1996
  • Legible photocopy of a birth certificate that verifies citizenship ad supporting legal documentation (i.e. marriage certificate) if the name on the birth certificate is not the same as your current legal name
  • A legible photocopy of the pertinent pages of your passport
  • Presentation to the County Recorder of U.S. naturalization documents or fill in your Alien Registration Number
  • Your Indian Census Number, Bureau of Indian Affairs Card Number, Tribal Treaty Card Number, or Tribal Enrollment Number
  • A legible photocopy of your Tribal Certificate or Indian Blood or Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Affidavit of Birth