Bill Williams Mountain Forest Restoration

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March 7, 2022: Bill Williams Mountain Forest Restoration Project: Phase 2 of steep-slope forest restoration work on Bill Williams Mountain has been completed.


The Coconino County Flood Control District (District) recognizes that wildfire and post- wildfire flooding are the greatest public safety threats to its residents, businesses, economy, and financial solvency. As such, forest restoration on Bill Williams Mountain remains a top District priority. 

Phase 2 of the Bill Williams Mountain Steep Slope Project, which treated 176 steep-slope acres, has been completed. The District contributed $2 million to fund Phase 2, which was about 83% of the project’s cost. Steep Slope 3, which will treat an additional 285 acres, is scheduled to begin late this summer or early fall.

When completed, a total of 761 acres will have been thinned on Bill Williams Mountain, leaving approximately 812 acres on the north face of Bill Williams Mountain left to be treated. The District, which has already contributed $2.8 for the Steep Slope 1 and Steep Slope 2 projects, has committed approximately $4 million towards Steep Slope 3 and future phases of the project. 

The Bill Williams Mountain Steep Slope Project is a collaborative partnership between the District, the Kaibab National Forest, and the National Forest Foundation to reduce hazardous fuels on the steep slopes of Bill Williams Mountain south of Williams. In addition to mitigating the estimated $365 - $700 million economic threat of wildfire and post-wildfire flooding, the goal of the project is to reduce the threat to public safety and the impacts to the water sources and critical infrastructure of the City of Williams.