Online Permit Applications

Online Zoning Permit Applications

The Planning and Zoning division is now accepting online zoning applications and will very soon be able to accept payments online. It is recommended that electronic submittals and associated fees be confirmed with a planner prior to using this online option. STARTING JANUARY 1, 2020, ALL ZONING PERMIT APPLICATIONS WITH REQUIRED DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY.

Click here to be taken to the Planning and Zoning digital submittal form. Please call 928-679-8850 and request to speak with a planner if you have questions.

Zoning Permit Applications Forms

Please click on the links below to download the zoning application form in PDF format and note the submittal items (other required documents) on page 2 of the application.

Scan the completed application form and other required documents (if not in electronic format already) and ensure they are pdf format and no larger than 10 MB (megabytes) per file, then submit using the online submittal form.

*Land Split/Combination Forms and associated documentation must be mailed or brought to the Community Development Department with original ink signatures in paper format for processing. These original documents will be returned to the applicant upon approval, and the applicant will then take these documents to the Treasurer, Assessor, and Recorder for final processing.