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The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted routines, our contacts with family and friends, and has had lasting effects on everyone. While separation was necessary for everyone's health and safety, the lasting effects of isolation still affect many. You are not alone. It's natural to feel scared, confused, or worried during times like these. Our health can suffer, even if we don't realize it. We may still be experiencing physical separations, but we can and should stay connected. Here is a list of free resources to support your well-being during this unprecedented time. Remember, we are all in this together and we are Stronger As One.

Click Here for COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Promoting a culture of knowledge, compassion, and action for mental health and well being, so that our community can truly be Stronger As One.

About us:

Stronger As One is a values driven coalition based in Coconino County, committed to promoting a culture of knowledge, compassion, and action for mental health and wellbeing, and preventing suicide in our community. Our commitment is to engage honestly, respectfully, and with trust for each other and our service organizations so that our collaborative work may help all Coconino County residents experience optimal mental health and wellbeing. We also realize that, through our work, we can create Best Practice’s which can scale for other counties in northern Arizona, developing partner Stronger As One Counties.

Stronger As One is guided by principles with participation encouraged from a wide range of educational, service provider, government, philanthropic, and community programs and perspectives. 

Our Collaborative Work

Together, we aim to:

• Expand opportunities for Mental Health First Aid training;

• Promote youth leadership in mental health and wellbeing initiatives;

• Promote knowledge of mental health resources and their availability;

• Support the wellbeing of professionals serving others in crisis;

• Promote messages of belonging, kindness, and hope.

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