Fort Tuthill Utility Improvement Project

Project Overview

Fort Tuthill County Park will soon be getting a major infrastructure overhaul. The Park is improving its infrastructure with a water and wastewater line that will provide a connection from the City of Flagstaff to the park. Between June and October 2020, approximately 1.5 miles of sewer and 2,000 linear feet of water infrastructure will be built underneath a stretch of FUTS Trail on the Sinclair Wash Segment (west end). Most of the new infrastructure will be built underneath the FUTS Trail that leads to the park.

What does this mean for park visitors and FUTS Trail users? For park visitors, it means the opportunity for future park amenities such as an expanded campground and year-round restrooms. For FUTS Trail users, it means there are going to be a few trail reroutes this summer along three miles of the Sinclair Wash Segment (west end) leading to Fort Tuthill County Park.

FUTS Trail Sinclair Wash Segment (west end) Construction and Reroute Information

FUTS Trail users should be prepared for trail reroutes beginning in July and ending in October along the Sinclair Wash Segment (west end) leading to Fort Tuthill County Park. Reroutes will be close to the existing FUTS Trail but will bypass the construction work. Trail conditions may be an increased grade, on single-track or along existing unpaved Forest Service Roads which are open to vehicular traffic. Trail users should be prepared for alternating portions of reroutes that change periodically. Directional signage will be provided onsite.

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Flagstaff Urban Trails and Bikeways Map - Sinclair Wash Trail (west end) segment 

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Project Overview map

FUTS Trail Reroutes

CPOS Funding

This project is funded through the Coconino Parks and Open Space (CPOS) voter-approved tax initiative. On November 5, 2002, Coconino County residents approved an open space acquisition and park development initiative to raise the County sales tax a one-eighth of one-cent for County parks. The initiative passed with 61% voter approval. The tax concluded in September 2014 with the accumulation of $33 million. It funded the Coconino Parks and Open Space Program (CPOS) to accomplish two goals: development and re-development of community parks in the County system, and acquisition of open space within critical natural areas in the greater Flagstaff area. This is the last project of the CPOS-funded projects. These funds are only available to CPOS-funded and voter-approved projects and not for other purposes such as COVID-19 projects.

Financial Savings 

The project realizes several cost savings. First, Northern Arizona Healthcare will provide cost reimbursements on a water line that is going to their property near 89A. Second, by installing a water and wastewater line at the same time, construction is happening only once underneath the FUTS Trail and not twice, saving time, money, and more trail reroutes.

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Additional information

Project Engineer: Shephard-Westnitzer, Inc.

Project Contractor: TBD, awaiting award

Estimated Construction Cost: Approximately $2 million

Funded By: Coconino Parks and Open Space Program

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