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Healthy Families is a voluntary, free support program serving families during pregnancy and up to age five of the child, when vital early brain development occurs. Healthy Families is dedicated to supporting families in their quest to be the best parents they can be. To be eligible to participate in the program, families must live within 50 miles of Flagstaff.

The Healthy Families Arizona program will help you:

  • Be prepared for your baby's birth
  • Be a successful parent
  • Communicate with and understand your baby
  • Help your child learn about the world through play

Healthy Families offers child development information, group activities, community resources, and ongoing supportive visits for up to five years in your home while being:

  • Family-centered and culturally-sensitive
  • Free and voluntary
  • Non-judgmental and supportive
  • Strictly confidential

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If you would like more information regarding eligibility and participation, please contact us at (928) 679-7216 or email.

Additional Information

Funding for Healthy Families is provided by Arizona Department of Child Safety, Prevention and Family Support.