Information Technology COVID-19 Response


The COVID-19 Citizen Assistance Reporter

This is application used by call center volunteers to track incoming calls.  Each volunteer is given access through a secure login to this application.

COVID-19 Assistance Reporter

Categories are used to track the type of call received, and then used to determine how the call will be routed or managed by specific teams:COVID-19 Assistance Reporter Categories

Once a category is determined, there is further information derived from the caller to assist in correctly routing the call to the correct division for case management.  For example, there are subtypes of Community Service including:   Rental/Utility Assistance, Information and Referral, Other, or Temporary Housing.
COVID-19 Assistance Reporter 3

  Information about the caller and questions are then input into a form for review by Case Managers.  COVID-19 Assistance Reporter 4

The COVID-19 Citizen Assistance Manager

The Citizen Assistance Manager is used by case managers to review open and pending calls from citizens and ensure they are assisted to completion.  The calls that were logged in the Reporter application go into an ‘Unassigned Task’ queue for review.  Division managers then assign out the tasks to their team members for resolution.
COVID-19 Assistance Manager

The COVID-19 Citizen Assistance Dashboard

The Dashboard is used to as a tool for decision-makers to understand citizen-related questions and needs.   It is to communicate call volumes by time and category, which can then be used in scheduling volunteers.
COVID-19 Assistance Dashboard
Emergency Operations Center COVID-19 Inventory Application

This application allows the operations center to add COVID-19 inventory and issue needed items.


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