Identify Your Flood Risk

Flood risks have changed for areas around Munds Park and Kachina Village/Mountainaire. If you live in these areas, then it is important you know how your flood risk has changed so that you can then make more informed decisions about reducing that flood risk.

FEMA provides a mapping tool, known as the Flood Map Changes Viewer (FMCV) which will show you what areas have increased in flood risk and which ones have decreased. The following are simplified instructions for using the FMCV; for more detailed instructions, download the FMCV Fact Sheet.

Instructions for Using the FMCV:

  • The Preliminary National Flood Hazard Layer is a geospatial database that contains current preliminary flood hazard data. The information can be used to better understand proposed flood hazards in these two remapped areas.
  • Visit 
  • Read the welcome message and press “OK” to continue to the FMCV
  • Type into the address search bar on the top right corner of the page either the exact address, the zip code, or the city and state of the location for which you want to view flood map data
  • Select the magnifying glass symbol to the right of the address search bar or press enter on the keyboard to execute the search and navigate to the location
  • The symbol directly to the left of the address search bar with three pieces of paper is the Layer List symbol, which opens a list of the operational layers that are viewable in the FMCV. Users may select or de-select boxes next to the layers to have the data appear or disappear from the FMCV.
  • The symbol directly to the left of the Layer List symbol is the Legend symbol with a triangle, square, and circle bulleted list. Pressing the Legend Symbol will open a legend defining the various symbols and colors displayed in the FMCV.
  • The plus and minus symbols on the bottom left corner of the FMCV allow users to zoom in or out from the map location.