Garden Shed Water Collection

It Takes A Community!

Our garden shed was built and equipped at very little cost due to the talent and creativity of volunteers using donated, surplus, and repurposed materials. Note the uneven pine boards, sawn from a tree removed for a roundabout at Fort Tuthill and donated by the Coconino County Parks and Recreation Department. Hope Construction, Full Circle Charities, and garden volunteers contributed other supplies and materials. Many thanks to all of you!

Volunteer Barry Brenneman drafted the plans, directed the project, and spent many hours cutting boards and hammering nails with Bob Baer and Dave Downes, Dave Carpenter, Jim Hoyne, and Larry Gould. Bob Baer, Sara Day, Tom Bean, Susan Lamb, and Jeremiah McGeehee cleaned and stained the outside of the shed.

In 2020, Eagle Scout candidate Mason Takeuchi installed gutters on the roof to channel rain and snowmelt into barrels donated by the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station. The following year, Eagle Scout candidate Jordan Shepard led a team of fellow Boy Scouts and adults in installing a solar panel on the roof, as well as indoor lighting and an extensive system of shelves and pegs designed by volunteer Norm Lowe. Norm also installed an inverter and a wall of shop tools he donated for our use, and built the wooden steps in front of the door.

Most of our garden tools were donated too. The Coconino Master Gardeners Association awarded us a grant to purchase pruners and loppers, while Kathleen Satterfield and Corinne Bavasi gave us shovels, rakes, and a garden cart.


Barry Brenneman and Bob Baer build the shed.



Mason Takeuchi's plans for installing the gutters and rain barrels.


Led by Jordan Shepard, Boy Scouts and adults add features to the shed.


The shed is finished!