Financial Education and Coaching

Financial Empowerment Course

If you want to be more informed and empowered to take control of your financial situation, consider taking our free, online Financial Empowerment Course. This course takes two approximately hours to complete. You can start, stop, and return to the class when it is convenient for you. You will learn about budgeting and creating a savings plan, debit and credit cards, paying down debt, and more.

Starting the Financial Empowerment Course

You will be asked to register so that you can receive a certificate of completion with your name. You cannot take the course without registering. Coconino County Health and Human Services does not share your information with other organizations.

How to complete your registration:

  1. You will go to web site for Arizona State Agencies (registration link below).
  2. Fill in all the boxes that are not gray - all this information is required. :For example:
    • Username is gray and cannot be filled in. Your username will be emailed to you.
    • Email is not gray so must be filled in. Your username will be sent to this email.
  3. The Agency Code is: empowerment
  4. You will receive an email from ADOA Registration with your USERNAME. Save that email.
  5. Enter the USERNAME as in the image below, not your email, to login to the course.

Login and Username

Click here to register! 
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If you have trouble, please email 

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Financial Coaching Sessions

Once you’ve completed the Financial Empowerment Course, you can take a step further to gain control of your finances. One-on-One Financial Coaching Sessions are available to help you gain knowledge and confidence related to your finances. During your coaching session you may,

  • Discover your money beliefs and habits and how they contribute to your financial circumstances.
  • Learn to use a Savings and Spending Plan to address stress about paying bills.
  • Discover money management tools.
  • Repair your relationship with money.

To enroll in Financial Coaching Sessions, contact us at (928) 679-7448 or email.