Sign a Candidate Petition or Give a $5 Qualifying Contribution

Are you interested in getting involved in the political process? With the ability to sign a petition online, it has never been easier. You can show your support for a candidate from the comfort of your home or anywhere internet access is available. It's simple to use, secure, and convenient.  

In Arizona, candidates are required to obtain a minimum number of petition signatures to appear on a ballot. Voters interested in assisting candidates can now sign a petition online. 

Clean Elections candidates are required to obtain $5 qualifying contributions from registered voters to qualify for public funding. Voters may now contribute a $5 qualifying contribution online. This is only available for statewide and legislative candidates running as Clean Elections candidates. 

Please note online petition signing is only available for the following county races: 

  • Superintendent of Schools - Term Expiring 1/1/2025
  • Board of Supervisors District 2 - Term Expiring 1/1/2025

Click on one of the links below to get started: 

Sign a Candidate Petition

Give a $5 Qualifying Contribution