Mt. Elden Estates NRCS Exigency Project

What's New:

August 18, 2021: The Coconino County Flood Control’s District (FCD) contractors recently completed the Mt. Elden Estates NRCS Exigency Project. The FCD was able to secure exigency funding from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for this emergency channel stabilization project. This mitigation performed exceptionally well during the to 200- to 500-year rainfall event over the Museum Fire burn scar on Tuesday, August 17.

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Project Overview:

The Mt. Elden Estates NRCS Exigency Project will decrease serious erosion from repetitive flooding that is destroying private properties, roads and threatens area homes. This erosion also sources sediment, which is then transported downstream and negatively impacts downstream infrastructure and homes and utilities.

Status:  Completed

Cost: $606,000

Funding Sources:

Natural Resources Conservation Service: $454,000

Coconino County Flood Control District: $152,000