Peaks View County Park

Peaks View

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Overlooking the breathtaking San Francisco Peaks, Peaks View County Park features a community equestrian arena, playground, picnic areas, hiking and equestrian trails, and the latest in sports fields (state-of-the-art artificial turf for year-round enjoyment).

Peaks View County Park is located in Doney Park (east of Flagstaff), just south of the Summit Fire Station and adjacent to Cromer Elementary School, on Koch Field Road.
Peaks View County Park


  • Sports fields
  • Equestrian Arena
  • Playground
  • Trails
  • Restrooms
  • Drinking fountains
  • 3 Ramadas - visit Reserve a Ramada for more information

Reservation Information

Sports fields can be rented for games and practices. Park maps & information to host a Special Event

Sports Field

The athletic field is designed for soccer and softball / baseball use. The outfield of the softball / baseball field blends into the soccer field area. The soccer area is an Astroturf (synthetic grass) field that does not require watering or mowing. One of the many benefits of Astroturf is that there should be no game cancellations due to rain or snow. The turf drainage system can sustain days of rain without being affected. This Astroturf is made of recycled sneakers and the rubber surface has cushioning benefits which reduce athletic injuries.

The softball / baseball portion of the field can be used by little league baseball, girls softball, and adult softball. The pitcher's mound is designed to accommodate both softball and baseball users.

The soccer field is designed for use by youth through adults. It measures 116 by 65 yards.

Community Equestrian Arena

The 100' x 200' fenced community equestrian arena is designed for casual use by the neighborhood. It has limited horse trailer parking with five spaces and neighbors are encouraged to ride their horse to the arena using local trails. The arena is a free day-use facility open to the general public and will not host structured events.

Read the Peaks View County Park Community Equestrian Arena Rules

The equestrian arena includes a number of sustainability features:

  • Use of landscape berms and evergreen trees to provide a windbreak for the arena to minimize wind driven export of material and to control dust.
  • Use of native / low water-use plants that over time will not require irrigation.
  • Passive rainwater harvesting of parking lot runoff into landscape islands to help with plant establishment.

This community equestrian arena at Peaks View County Park is one of the projects identified and funded by the Coconino Parks and Open Space Program (CPOS), a sales tax initiative approved by the Coconino County voters in 2002, which sunset in fall 2014, with proceeds dedicated to land acquisition and park development. The CPOS budget for this project was $500,197.

Park Master Plan

Coconino County Parks and Recreation conducted a public comment period for the Peaks View County Park Master Planning Process in Spring 2015. We developed a website with more information about the project and its history, dates, and times of two public meetings, a link to provide online comments, and other ways that people could provide input.

Between February 3 and March 6, 2015, we received 21 comments from the public. Based on the feedback received, we proposed the following three additional improvements to the Peaks View County Park Master Plan:

  • Lighting for equestrian arena
  • Tennis courts with lighting
  • Bicycle / skate park

Coconino County Parks and Recreation placed these projects on the Peaks View County Park Master Plan and the Coconino County Board of Supervisors approved them on April 21, 2015.

Thank you to all the community members who submitted comments for the Peaks View County Park Master Plan. These future improvements may be built as funding becomes available.

What is a Park Master Plan?

A park master plan addresses current and future needs and helps guide overall park direction, goals, and objectives, taking into account leisure trends, public interest, and the park's budget. A park master plan is like a blueprint for the future and helps guide future park development that will help improve the community, both physically and economically.