USFS Museum Fire Sediment Reduction Project

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The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) Museum Fire Sediment Reduction Project includes grade stabilization and watershed restoration work to reduce sediment production and transport on USFS land above and below Mt. Elden Estates. 

Watershed restoration measures like these are necessary to reduce the level of sediment leaving the burn area, as well as erosion occurring downstream, and impacting the Mt. Elden Estates and Lockett Ranches areas and the Paradise, Grandview, and Sunnyside neighborhoods in Flagstaff. Without a reduction in these very high levels of sediment, any expansion of the floodwater conveyances within the city will not be effective at reducing the level of floodwater impacting homes because it will quickly fill up with sediment. 

  • StatusCompleted
  • Est. Construction Start: May 2022
  • Est. Completion: November 2022
  • Project Engineer: Natural Channel Design, Inc.
  • Project Contractor: Tiffany Construction Co.
  • Construction Cost: $3.5 Million
  • Funding: U.S. Forest Service