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  1. BAER team completes Soil Burn Severity map for Pipeline Fire

    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., June 24, 2022 – Forest Service Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) specialists recently completed their field data evaluation to produce the Soil Burn Severity (SBS) map for the Pipeline Fire Read on...

Recommended Flood Mitigation Exhibits

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Schultz/Pipeline Flood Area FCD Meeting Presentation: June 23 2022

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(NEW) Pipeline Fire BAER Soil Burn Severity Map

Pipeline Fire BAER Soil Burn Severity Map_06252022

NWS Daily Burn Scar Flood Risk

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Completed Schultz Flood Mitigation Projects (2011 - 2015)

Completed Schultz Flood Mitigation Projects: By the Numbers

USFS Temporary Area Closure

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