Flood Corridor Information

Brandis Way Flood Corridor

Brandis Way Flood Corridor

Campbell/Paintbrush Flood Corridor


Copeland Lane Flood Corridor

Copeland Flood Corridor

Government Tank Flood Corridor

Government Tank

Peaceful Way Area Flood Corridor

Peaceful Way Flood Corridor

Wupatki Trails Flood Corridor

Wupatki Trails_20220817


The Coconino County Flood Control District (District) is hosting a series of flood corridor meetings to discuss conceptual long-term flood mitigation for each of the flood corridors in the Schultz/Pipeline Flood Area.

The goal for these corridor meetings is to begin sharing of information regarding each specific flood corridor so that property owners in each corridor have a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges for long-term flood mitigation. 

The District and its engineering consultants are continuing to prepare conceptual plans for long-term flood mitigation. Long-term flood mitigation involves three key, interdependent elements:  

  1. On-forest watershed restoration measures to restore alluvial fans and provide erosion control
  2. Flood mitigation within the neighborhoods 
  3. Increasing drainage infrastructure capacity at Highway 89