Mental Health Court

Coconino County Superior Court Mental Health Court


Our Mission 

To facilitate stability for individuals with severe mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse disorders through a trauma informed court-supervised treatment program which reduces recidivism, promotes community safety and aims to reduce harm and improve the mental well-being of all its participants.


Program Description

Judge Joshua Steinlage, Division VII, presides over the Mental Health Court in the Superior Court of Coconino County. This program is specifically designed to provide supervision, accountability, treatment services, and forensic peer support to individuals in the criminal justice system who are Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI) and that may also suffer from a co-occurring substance abuse disorder. The program’s goal is to address mental health concerns, substance abuse disorders, and other risk factors that contributed to an individual’s re/entry into the criminal justice system. Mental Health Court is a voluntary program that includes probation supervision, regular court appearances before the Mental Health Court Judge, mental health and substance abuse treatment, random drug testing and participation in a forensic peer support program. The program length is at least fourteen (14) months. Successful completion and graduation from the program may result in early termination of probation and/or dismissal of certain charges. Failure to complete the program may result in imposition of the sentence set forth in your plea agreement. Mental Health Court participants will graduate from the program with psychiatric stability, sobriety, pro-social skills, and support to be law abiding and contributing members of the community. The Mental Health Court Judge will oversee your progress through the program and will make all final decisions regarding your case


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