Emily Evans, Ph.D.

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Professional Development & Research Coordinator

Emily Evans, Coconino County Education Service Agency I & D Professional Development and Research Coordinator, has a broad background in science education and research. She has taught in a variety of formal and informal education contexts through professional positions with State Parks, Outdoor schools, after-school programs, University undergraduate programs, and the K-12 school system. Since moving to Flagstaff in 2013, she has focused her work on preparing and providing professional development and support services for K-8 teachers.  Emily has a PhD in science education from University of California Davis and complements her work as a professional development coordinator by developing and implementing grant-supported projects that incorporate education research and evaluation components.  As part of this work, she has had the opportunity to work with teachers, administrators, and science education professionals across the state of Arizona.  She enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with other educators, think creatively about education strategies, and help teachers access the resources and professional learning opportunities they need to support their students.