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Coconino County Health and Human Services strives to empower people, confront inequities, influence policy, and better the lives of those who call Coconino County home. We work to prevent disease and injury, create healthy environments, promote healthy lifestyles, and advocate for policy and systems changes that advance community health. We care deeply about our mission and work daily to achieve our vision that all people achieve optimal health and well-being. 

This vision relies heavily on factors sometimes not associated with health. When examining the health of a community it is important to look beyond morbidity and mortality trends and consider what is at the root of these observed health trends. The social determinants of health are conditions in which people live that impact their health outcomes, such as income, high-quality education, access to healthy foods, transportation, and access to affordable healthcare. These determinants work together to influence a person's quality of life and impact life expectancy.  

  • Mission
    • Empowering people, confronting inequities, influencing policy, and bettering lives.
  • Vision
    • Optimizing the health and well-being for all in a responsive, collaborative, fiscally responsible, and culturally appropriate manner.
  • Values
    • Honesty, respect, Integrity, responsibility, community