Kaibab Estates West Drainage Improvement Project

What's New...

04 May 2023: Kinney Construction Services is the contractor for this project. A Purchase Order (PO) has been requested with the goal of starting work later this month. 

Project Overview

The Kaibab Estates West Drainage Improvement Project includes and roadside ditch improvements along Cumberland Road and Ann Lane, as well as the replacement of an existing 18-inch culvert with two new 35-inch x 24-inch arch pipe culverts on Cumberland Road. This project is intended to improve drainage conveyance and help mitigate seasonal flooding impacts that occur in the drainages along Cumberland Rd and Ann Lane.

  • Status: Pre-Construction
  • Estimated Construction Start: Spring 2023
  • Estimated Completion: Spring 2023
  • Project Engineer: JE Fuller
  • Project Contractor: Kinney Construction Services, Inc.
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $198,687