Parks Roads Reconstruction Project: Phase 2

What's New...

22 September 2023: The Parks Roads Reconstruction Project: Phase 2 continued on schedule this week with more shoulder work and cattleguard installation. A project walk-through was also conducted this week. Installation of signage/delineators could begin next week if materials arrive. The project is now substantially complete.

Project Overview

Phase 2 of the Parks Roads Reconstruction Project, included the reconstruction of an approximately 1.1-mile-long section of Garland Prairie Road from ADOT right-of-way to just past the intersection with Pine Aire Access; the reconstruction of approximately 700 feet of Pine Aire Access, and shoulder patch repairs on Garland Prairie Road from Pine Aire Access to the end of the paved section.

  • Status: Substantial Completion
  • Project Engineer: Coconino County Public Works
  • Construction Start: 01 August 2023
  • Estimated Construction Completion: October 2023
  • Project Cost: $1.95 million
  • Project Contractor: C & E Paving & Grading