Provisional & Conditional Voting

Yes. All eligible votes are tabulated before results are official

Provisional & Conditional Voting ensures your right to cast a ballot and gives the County Recorder an opportunity to determine if you meet the requirements to vote. Once cured, and if accepted, ALL Provisional & Conditional ballots are tabulated. Click here to check the status of your Provisional Ballot. 

Provisional Voting

You will be asked to vote a Provisional Ballot if:

  • You can not be found in the voter registration system
  • You changed your name or address and have not re-registered twenty-nine (29) days prior to Election Day
  • You already voted the early ballot you received in the mail
  • You already voted early in person 
  • You are not registered in the district holding the election 
  • You are not registered with a participating party (Presidential Preference Election only)
  • You failed to show acceptable ID at the polling location

 Conditional Voting

Voters who come to the polls without ID will be asked to vote a Conditional ballot.
After marking their ballot the voter may return to the polling location/Vote Center before 7 p.m. to show acceptable ID, or they may visit a Post-Election Verification Site to show ID within 5 business days following a general election that includes an election for a federal office, or 3 business days following any election other than a general election.

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