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All political party observers are required to obtain credentials from their county political party chairperson and must present those credentials at their assigned voting location to observe inside the 75-foot limit. Generally, only one observer per political party is permitted in each voting location. A.R.S. § 16-515(B)

Credentialed political party observers are there to do just that: observe. Observers shall not obstruct poll workers or the voting process, interact with voters, take videos or photos, act unprofessionally, or otherwise fail to obey the polling place inspector or rules established by the county. Party observers who violate these guidelines may have their credentials revoked by the county and be asked to leave.

Non-credentialed observers, interest groups, candidates, and members of the media are not allowed within the 75-foot limit. Even if you intend to observe outside the 75-foot limit, observers shall not obstruct voting lines or the entrance to the voting location, or otherwise engage in any conduct that may have the effect of threatening, harassing, or intimidating voters.

If you are interested in becoming an election observer please contact your political party chairperson. 

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