Snow Bowl Road Drainage Improvement Project

What's New...

04 May 2023: The Engineering Division is waiting for cultural clearances to be completed so as to place 404 permits in the contract prior to sending the project out for bid.

Last week Public Works Director and County Engineer Christopher Tressler joined Supervisor Horstman and members of the design team for a public meeting to discuss the upcoming Snow Bowl Road Drainage Improvement Project. The presentation from that meeting is available here.

Project Overview

The Snow Bowl Road Drainage Improvement Project  is intended to help mitigate seasonal flooding from the Rio de Flag, which can cause severe downstream impacts and render the road impassable during monsoon season and other times of the year while maintaining the integrity of the adjacent wetland area. The project is slated to include the replacement of the existing pair of 32- by 48-inch elliptical culverts on Snowbowl Rd South of US Highway 180 at the Rio de Flag crossing with seven (7) new 18- by x 24-inch culverts. Concrete headwalls and inlet/outlet aprons will also be installed. 

  • Status: In Design
  • Project Engineer: JE Fuller
  • Estimated Construction Start: Spring 2023
  • Estimated Construction Completion: Summer 2023
  • Project Cost: TBD
  • Project Contractor: TBD
  • 27 April 2023 Public Meeting Presentation