Accommodation District

happy female graduate holding diploma

The Coconino County Accommodation School District (CCASD) is an Advanced ED Accredited public school district. The District provides direct education services when educational needs exist across Coconino County. Providing early childhood, alternative high school, safety net, and parenting programs ensures our community has an array of exemplary educational opportunities. From pre-natal to college, the Accommodation District supports a wide range of students by providing a foundation to a world-class educational system.

Please also see the Accommodation District Website.

High School Programming 

Both high schools in the CCASD are public schools, which offer an NCA-accredited diploma upon graduation. Both offer a rigorous curriculum aligned with the Arizona Standards for Learning. These standards embody the belief that all students can learn, and that it is the District’s responsibility to ensure that every student reaches his/her full potential. In the CCASD, all students are valued and offered guidance to develop the positive qualities they already possess.

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