Equipment & Certification

Coconino County Elections uses equipment and technology certified as accurate and secure by the Arizona Secretary of State for authorized equipment and Logic & Accuracy Tests and the US Elections Assistance Commission


Coconino County Elections uses equipment and technology certified as accurate and secure by the Arizona Secretary of State and federal agencies.  

PollPads are used to verify voter identification and registration.  The PollPads operate on a secure network provided by the Elections Department and do not access public WiFi or open cellular networks. 


ExpressVote Ballot Marking Device

The ExpressVote ballot marking device is used at all Vote Centers and Precinct Locations in Coconino County.  This accessible device provides the text of the ballot on a touch screen and will narrate the ballot in English, Spanish, Navajo, & Hopi language. In addition, ExpressVote offers braille controls for visually impaired voters.  Voters insert a blank card into the device, make their selections on the touch screen, print their voted card, and deposit it in the ballot box. ExpressVote is not connected to any WiFi, cellular, or transmission device and does not record, retain, tabulate, or transmit voter choices or other information. 

EV keypad


Express Vote pic

Ballot Tabulation

All ballots voted in Coconino County are tabulated at a central location. Ballots are tabulated utilizing ES&S DS950 and ES&S DS450 machines. The tabulators are air-gapped, on a closed network, and not connected to any WiFi or Cellular networks or transmission devices.  


ES&S DS950 

ds 450

ES&S DS450

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