Military Installation Sustainability

What is the MIS Grant?

The Military Installation Sustainability (MIS) grant funds the execution of implementation strategies that were recommended in the March 2019, Coconino Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) for Camp Navajo, the Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station (NOFS), and the Bellemont Community. In February of 2019, Coconino County and the City of Flagstaff both adopted the Joint Land Use Study as an amendment to their respective general plans. Immediately after adoption, Coconino County and the City of Flagstaff created the JLUS Implementation Committee to discuss ways to execute the list of recommended implementation strategies.

What does implementation look like?

This MIS grant allows Coconino County, The City of Flagstaff, the Arizona Army National Guard Camp Navajo, the US Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station, and other key stakeholders to continue collaborative partnerships to ensure land uses are compatible with military operations. Additionally, this grant supports the development and execution of key recommendations and tools to support the military missions while maintaining compatibility with the surrounding jurisdictions. All the entities participating in the JLUS retain the responsibility of selecting those compatibility tools that best reflect the specific issues, concerns, and needs of each stakeholder.

This Implementation grant continues a community-driven, cooperative, strategic planning process among Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station, Camp Navajo, and the surrounding communities to:

  1. promote community development that is compatible with the military training, testing, and operational missions
  2. seek ways to reduce operational impacts due to wildfires

This grant implements strategies identified in the March 2019 Coconino County JLUS to address the following concerns that could result in additional restrictions on Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station and Camp Navajo missions:

  1. encroachment from urban development
  2. increased light encroachment that is not Dark Sky compliant
  3. the threat of wildfire

MIS Grant Final Documents