Exodus - Inmate Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Program Description

Exodus is our In-Custody, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program. It is based on the Matrix Model which has been proven to be effective with alcohol dependence, methamphetamine dependence and other commonly addictive substances. It is recognized by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a comprehensive treatment program that uses a scientifically based approach.

The Matrix model uses cognitive behavioral counseling and motivational interviewing techniques proven to be effective in treatment for substance addictions. The Matrix Model has also been used with multiple ethnicities including Native Americans on and off reservations, Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Exodus uses 12-step and bio-psychosocial materials to augment the program. Exodus emphasizes total abstinence and not advocate or support a controlled use philosophy.

Program Goals

  • To provide educational and therapeutic services to assist inmates in making a decision to avoid alcohol and drug use in the future
  • To decrease recidivism rates
  • To provide alcohol and drug treatment to inmates that have difficulty accessing treatment through other means
  • To provide a behavioral management tool that helps to control inmate behavior and decrease disruptive activities
  • To create a safer community
  • To reduce health care costs associated with substance abuse/dependence
  • To create a program that requires some inmates to engage in a productive routine while in custody
  • To provide a proactive response to substance abuse related crime rather than a reactive response
  • To require inmates to develop an alcohol and drug free life plan for release

Community Collaboration

Jail treatment staff collaborate with probation and treatment and social service agencies county wide. A housing unit is dedicated to this program to provide a positive peer environment, housing only those inmates in the program. The most effective location is one where there is no auditory contact with inmates not involved in the program.

After Completing the Program

As inmates, who have completed the therapeutic portion of the program, prepare for release from the Coconino County Detention Facility, it is important to connect them with ancillary services that support continued sobriety. When an inmate is close to completing Exodus they meet with a counselor for an exit interview and together they develop a Transition Plan for release.

Providing a structured treatment program will help inmates come to the realization they have a substance abuse or addiction problem, involve inmates in their own problem solving and development and educate them about the physical and mental effects of substance abuse/addiction. Inmates will be equipped to identify and develop relapse prevention skills, develop positive social behaviors, improve their life skills and parenting skills, learn to build pro sobriety support networks, and decrease recidivism. The potential benefits to be gained by providing these services can positively affect inmates, their families, our community and county.