Tactical Unit

Northern Arizona interagency SWAT team

Unit Composition & Responsibilities

In 2006, deputies from the Sheriff’s Office became part of the Flagstaff Police Department Multi-Agency Tactical Team. Sheriff’s deputies are selected to join the team after passing a rigorous physical fitness test and interview process. These officers are still members of the regular Patrol Division, but they also are on call for the Tactical Team. In addition to regular physical fitness and weapons training, the team trains for hostage rescues, situations where a subject may be barricaded, situations in which an officer may be endangered, and specialized entries into buildings. They assist Metro Street Crimes Unit; Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) with high risk warrant service.

Our Partnership

The Flagstaff Police Department has always been responsive to the Sheriff’s Office requests for assistance from their Tactical / SWAT team. The agencies work well together, and the Sheriff’s Office is proud to be part of this joint venture. The inclusion of deputies from the Sheriff’s Office as members of the team expands the team’s ability to respond throughout the county. The specialized training also provides regular squads with a level of tactical leadership and response capability for incidents requiring some tactical expertise but not a full tactical team call out.