Treasurer Updates In Response to COVID-19
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I understand that this is a very stressful time, especially for those suffering direct effects from this public health crisis, and my office and I are committed to helping in any way we can.

Per Arizona State Law, we do not have authority to extend the May 1st deadline. Extensions and changes in due dates can only be enacted by the legislature. County Treasurers have been asking for property tax relief by extending the deadline. We need your help in reaching out to legislators and request property tax relief. Below is a list of legislators for our County.

  • State Senators: Sylvia Allen (LD6), Jamescita Peshlakai (LD7)
  • State Representatives: Walt Blackman (LD6), Bob Thorpe (LD6), Arlando Teller (LD7), Myron Tsosie (LD7)

We encourage all property owners who can pay their taxes on time to do so. This revenue helps keep the government running and providing vital services that the public relies on, especially in times like these.

Our office is closed to the public during this emergency except for cash payments. Taxpayers can pay online, via telephone, by mail, or at our drop box located at 110 E. Cherry Ave. in Flagstaff. For payments made with a credit/debit card, E-Check, or PayPal, our card processor charges a fee. Please click here for information on fees.

We have developed a COVID-19 related section of our website, which includes links to resources for community members and small businesses. Please click here to visit the site. For additional information, you may submit a question online here, email us at, or call us at (928) 679-8188.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this difficult time.

Sarah Benatar, Coconino County Treasurer

Treasurer Updates in Response to COVID-19

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