Building Businesses & Entrepreneurs (BBE) Course Description

Attend our 9-week business plan development training online via Zoom!
Call early for an enrollment application and other related information. Training is typically limited to 15 participants.

DurationFeeDates & HoursTraining Delivery Platform
(27 hours in-class, plus homework & individualized assistance)
$125Summer 2022 BBE Business Plan Development Training 
6 - 9 pm, Tuesday Evenings, 
June 14, 21, 28, 
July 5, 12, 19, 26, 
Aug. 2, & 9
Tentatively. followed by: Summer 2022  BBE 
6 - 9 pm, Tuesdays, 
Sept. 20 - Nov. 15
Internet-Based Distance Delivery via Zoom (*Due to social distancing precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 pandemic this training is NOT classroom-based but offered only via Zoom video conferencing. Hybrid trainings are being planned for 2023. See Zoom system requirements.

Course Description 

Since 2007, Coconino County has offered BBE training to help budding entrepreneurs assess the viability of existing and proposed businesses and the develop plans for successful business operations now and for the future. Participants are introduced to tools and information resources helpful to current and aspiring business owners for stabilizing or launching and growing the enterprise of their dreams. 

Since BBE's inceptions county staff have worked with community partners including the Coconino Small Business Development Center (SBDC) hosted by Coconino Community College. SBDC currently facilitates BBE's 27-hour, 9-week Internet-based small business plan development training. We utilize Zoom and LivePlan delivery and instructional platforms. The objective of the course is to help develop a sound and easily implementable business plan. This plan and the essential business knowledge gained from the course can help you secure needed capital to successfully start and/or expand your business operations. 

The class enrollment fee is only $125, and an income-based partial (50%) scholarship may also be available to those who are income eligible. 

Training Summary Outline & Other Resources

The BBE training has continued to evolve to meet the needs of county residents who enroll and want to learn all they can. Click here for a general summary outline of our BBE 9-Week Program.

  • Facilitation of the course by a seasoned SBDC counselor with years of small business development experience.
  • The business plan creation process is designed to assist understanding and user-friendly development of the components of a business plan.
  • The LivePlan web-portal and planning template makes it easier each week to add, build-on, and develop the various concepts and aspects of your business processes and operations.
  • When appropriate, subject-matter experts are guest speakers sharing their expertise for key business topics, such as:
    • Why & How of Business
    • Business Law / Structure
    • Market and Competitor Analysis 
    • Marketing / Branding
    • Consumer / Client Relations
    • Business Finance / Capital Development
    • Business Accounting
  • Links to printed materials and videos enhance the learning experience and compliment the curriculum.
  • You'll learn the importance of developing a summary slide deck and the art of presenting your “elevator pitch”.

BBE Flyer, Application, & Enrollment Instructions

For a downloadable BBE training flyer - click here.

To enroll for the next BBE training click here to access the application. Save this fillable PDF to your computer, open, complete, re-save, attach and email it with the other required information listed below to the e-address linked linked at the end of this Webpage. 

By your email to the contact at the bottom of this Webpage:

  1. Attach your fully completed BBE application, including a) on page 1 your residential address, b) on page 4 and 5 type-in your name & date where signatures are required, and c) on page 6 the number of adults and children in your household, those working, and their income, assets, and debt amounts. (Arizona State subsidizes our trainings and requires this data to assess the community impact.)
  2. Attach a photo/copy of the document proving legal AZ state residency per page 5 (e.g. AZ driver license, but if address isn’t your current Coconino County residence, also provide item #3),  
  3. Attach a photo/copy of a utility bill, voter registration card, or other document or official mail showing your name and Coconino County residential site address,
  4. Paste a copy of your total and sub-scores after taking a 12-minute entrepreneurial self-assessment (, and
  5. Indicate you have adequate PC and Internet resources to login to our Zoom-based, online classes. (BBE classes are recorded and available on YouTube, in case you miss a class or just want review something.)

After I receive all the above, I’ll provide you a link for you to pay online your $125 BBE class fee. Per your application, if you are eligible for our 50% scholarship you’ll pay only $62.50. 

When we have your payment you are enrolled and will receive confirmation.  Later, usually by about 1pm the day of your first class a Zoom login Web link will be sent to all BBE enrollees by our Small Business Development Center (SBDC) facilitator. 

For more information or to enroll, click here to email BBE Training Enrollment,
or contact Program Manager Scott Neuman (928-679-7463).