Pumphouse County Natural Area Management Plan

The Pumphouse County Natural Area Resource Management Plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 11, 2014.

Located three miles south of the City of Flagstaff, the Pumphouse County Natural Area is situated in Coconino County in the community of Kachina Village, a residential community of approximately 2,500 residents. The Natural Area, which encompasses 125 acres, protects the riparian and wetland areas supported by Pumphouse Wash and its associated springs. Conservation studies consistently recognize the Natural Area, which contributes to the unique waters of Oak Creek and the Verde River system, as a crucial resource in need of long-term protection.

The policies set forth in the Kachina Village Area Plan recognize the public's desire to conserve wetlands and riparian areas associated with the Pumphouse Wash system and are realized in this Resource Management Plan. This plan will guide Coconino County Parks and Recreation, its partners, and interested citizens in the management and operation of this unique resource for future generations. Based on this Plan, CCPR will implement stewardship activities to ensure the conservation of both natural and cultural resources. In addition, this plan provides direction for visitor use, appropriate recreation, and the realization of the area's full potential as a location for enhanced environmental education and outreach.
Elk in Pumphouse Meadow