Earned Time Credit

The Law: Earned Time Credit A.R.S. 13-924 Probation; earned time credit; applicability.

The court may adjust the period of a probationer’s supervised probation on the recommendation of an adult probation officer for earned time credit.

Earned time credit equals twenty days for every thirty days that a probationer does all of the following:

  • Exhibits positive progression toward the goals and treatment of the probationer’s case plan.
  • Is current on payments for court ordered restitution and other financial obligations.
  • Is current with community restitution hours.
  • Time credit awarded pursuant to this section shall be revoked if a probationer is found in violation of a condition of probation.
This section does not apply to a probationer who is currently:

  • On lifetime probation.
  • On probation for any class 2 or 3 felony.
  • On probation exclusively for a misdemeanor offense.
  • Required to register pursuant to section 13-3821.
  • This section has no effect on the ability of the court to terminate the period of probation or intensive probation pursuant to section 13-901, subsection E at a time earlier than originally imposed.

Earned Time Credit Brochure