Probationer Handbook

...excerpts from the Coconino County Probation Handbook...

Purpose of Handbook

This handbook has been prepared to help you be successful on probation and answer some commonly asked questions.

What is Probation?

There are several types of probation, with the most common one being supervised probation

The Court will require you to follow a set of conditions that outlines expectations

The person granted probation is typically supervised by a probation officer who assists in behavioral change and reports your progress and actions to the Court

Probation provides you with an opportunity to make positive changes in your life

Most probation grants include participation in counseling and programs of assistance

Probation grants also typically include financial responsibilities such as court fees and restitution.

Throughout your time on probation, you and your probation officer will work together in achieving your goals

Many people on probation have personal challenges, such as drug abuse, lack of job skills, or relationship problems. Making positive changes can help you complete probation, avoid another arrest, and find greater satisfaction and success in life.

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