Live Drug Free Poster Contest

In October 2017, the Coconino County Attorney’s Office held its ninth annual “Live Drug Free” poster contest with great success. We received posters from 6th grade classes throughout the county. The contest is a fun way for kids to integrate the drug free message with creative artwork and promote the drug free lifestyle in our elementary schools.

The contest, held in conjunction with the anti-drug campaign “Red Ribbon Week”, was open to all Coconino county sixth graders. The County Attorney’s Office assembled an eight member selection committee, consisting of our Sheriff, scholars and prominent community members. The selection committee had a difficult time narrowing the field, but was eventually able to select the winning posters.

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For more information contact Michelle Cook at (928) 679-8229 or Email

This year’s winners are:

Grand Prize Sara Flores Tuba City Boarding School

1st Place TCBS Sara Flores

Second Prize Maria Macaraig Tuba City Junior HighSchool

2nd Place TCJH Maria Macaraig

Third Prize Indy Jacobson Montessori School of Flagstaff

3rd Place Montessori Indy Jacobson
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