Frequently Asked Questions


If you wish to speak with a judge about your or someone else's case, you are only permitted to do so in open Court, the judges are not allowed to speak to you otherwise. You may write a letter to the judge, but the letter will become part of the Court record.

Orders of Protection/Injunctions Against Harassment

How do I get an Order/Injunction against someone?
If it is during Court hours, you will need to come into the Court to fill out paperwork and speak to a judge. You may also go to the Victim Witness office for assistance. If it is after hours, you can contact a law enforcement agency for an emergency order of protection.
I have an Order/Injunction issued against me, how do I contest it?
You must come into the Court with your copy of the Order/Injunction and request a hearing. The Order/Injunction is still in effect even if you are contesting it.
How do I drop an Order/Injunction that I asked to be issued?
Orders/Injunctions are not automatically dropped on request. You must put your request in writing and appear before a judge personally. The defendant can still be arrested for violating the Order/Injunction even if you do not want it anymore and it has not been dropped by a judge.

Civil Traffic Violations

Why is the amount that I owe more than what is listed on the fine schedule?
If you failed to take any action on your ticket on or before your scheduled court date, the Court enters a default judgment against you and must add a Time Payment Fee. If the Court has ordered your license suspended by Motor Vehicles, an additional fee may be added.
Can I contest the default judgment against me?
You may write a letter to the judge explaining why you are requesting that the default judgment be set aside. The Judge may make a ruling based on your letter or set your case for a hearing.
If I have a ticket that requires proof of something in order for the fine to be reduced or dismissed and it is past my court date, what do I do?
If it is past your court date, the citation is due for the full amount. You may submit your proof with a letter of explanation for review by the judge, but the Court is not required to reduce or dismiss a ticket if it is past due.
I did not pay my citation when I was supposed to. Is there a warrant for my arrest?
No. The Court does not issue warrants on civil traffic citations. However, the Court may have suspended your driver's license and you must pay the ticket before your license can be reinstated. The court will issue warrants on criminal traffic violations.
Can I make payments on a past due ticket that has caused my license to be suspended?
Yes, but the Court will not lift the suspension until the ticket is paid in full.
Can I pay my ticket at Motor Vehicles?
No, all payments for traffic citations must be made at the Court. If your license is suspended and you pay off your ticket, you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee at Motor Vehicles.
I am a juvenile or I am the parent of a juvenile with a traffic ticket. What do I do?
Juveniles who receive civil traffic citations must appear in court at the scheduled time and date with a parent or legal guardian. The hearing is not a trial, but an opportunity for the judge to explain the options available to the juvenile and his or her parent.

Criminal Violations

(Including some city code violations (i.e. dog at large) and warrants.

I have been summoned for jury duty, how do I get excused?
Your summons for jury duty is a Court order and you must appear. You may write a request to the Judge explaining your reasons for wishing to be excused. However, you must contact the Court to find out if your request has been granted.
Do I have to appear at my arraignment or any other scheduled hearing?
Yes. You must appear at all court hearings including your arraignment or a warrant will be issued for your arrest.
What if I need to continue my arraignment?
If you are unable to appear at your scheduled date, you may request the arraignment be held at an earlier time (the Court sets the time) or you may post an appearance bond and have the date changed.
How do I continue any other hearing including my trial?
All requests for continuances must be made in writing no later than five days prior to your hearing. You must include contact information on your request so the Court can inform you of the judges decision. Requests are not granted automatically so it is your responsibility to find out if your request has been granted or not.
What if I have a warrant for my arrest?
If you have a warrant for your arrest, you may post the amount of the bond and have an arraignment date scheduled. You may also contact the court to schedule a time to see the judge. Only the judge can make the decision of whether you are arrested or not.
I paid my fine in full but I still have a warrant for my arrest, why?
The warrant was probably issued before you paid your fine. Once a warrant is issued, you must personally appear before the judge before the warrant is canceled.
How do I find out if there is a warrant for my arrest?
You can contact the court officer to see if there are any outstanding warrants against you.
I was cited for a criminal offense; how much is the fine?
There is no standard fine amount for criminal offenses. All fine amounts are determined by the judge. If you have already been sentenced, you will need to speak with the Court to determine your fine amount.
How do I drop charges against someone?
Only the prosecutor can request that charges be dropped against someone.
How do I find out when I am supposed to appear in Court?
If it is during Court hours, you will need to come into the Court to fill out paperwork and speak to a judge. You may also go to the Victim Witness office for assistance. If it is after hours, you can contact a law enforcement agency for an emergency order of protection.