Flagstaff Municipal Court

The defensive driving program is offered in person or online and covers techniques for safer driving. The classroom course is a 4-5 hour program. Once completed, your violation will be dismissed per this diversion program and NO POINTS will be reported to the Motor Vehicle Division.

Notice to all defendants: Failure to respond to your citation may result in a default judgment and suspension of your driving privileges.

Criminal Traffic: If you were issued a citation for a criminal traffic violation you must appear in court on the arraignment date listed on your copy of the citation (failure to do so may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest). You cannot attend defensive driving school.

Defendants 18 years of age or older: If you are 18 or over and have received a civil traffic citation you have three options, please read them over carefully before you respond.

Option 1 – Entering a plea of responsible. See the fine schedule for the court to which you were cited to appear for amount you owe. Make payment directly to the court by mail with either a check or money order or some courts allow payment by credit card by phone or mail. You may also come in to the court any time prior to your appearance date to make payment or use the court drop box if one is available.

Option 2 – Entering a plea of not responsible. If you wish to contest the citation you may appear in court on your appearance date. If you wish to contest the citation and are unable to appear to enter your plea of not responsible and wish to have a hearing you may: See the fine schedule for your court and reference the violation code for your deposit amount. If it is not listed, call the court. Write the complaint number that appears at the top of your copy of the citation along with corresponding letter (A through E) on a signed state that you wish to enter a plea of not responsible, that you are enclosing an amount to be posted and that you are requesting a hearing date. Mail the payment, a copy of your citation (with your current and correct address) and the signed statement to the court prior to your hearing date. The court will notify you by mail of your date.

Option 3 – Defensive Driving Program. You may attend any class offered by a provider certified by the Defensive Driving Program of the Arizona Supreme Court within the time frame established by the court into which you were cited.

To be eligible to participate in the program:

1. The citation must be for a civil traffic violation;

2. The person cited does not hold a current CDL (Commercial Drivers License);

3. There must not have been an accident involving death or serious physical injury;

4. You must not have attended a defensive driving program within the last two years (24 months violation date to violation date);

5. The Court has not already scheduled the alleged violation(s) for a hearing;

6. You must contact the court on or before your court date to inform them of your intentions;

7. The person cited meets any other eligibility requirement(s) established by the Defensive Driving Program of the Arizona Supreme Court.

The fee for the class is set with the traffic school. Please have your copy of the citation ready when calling.

To see if you are eligible to participate in the program and for a list of Arizona certified schools please view the following link:

Arizona Judicial Branch site

Or call

1-888-334-5565 (automated response only)