Planning and Zoning

VACANT - Assistant Director and Planning Manager - 928-679-8869
Melissa Shaw - Long Range Planner - 928-679-8868
Bob Short - Principal Planner - 928-679-8874
Zach Schwartz - Senior Planner - 928-679-8866
Kelly Bingham - Planner - 928-679-8895

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Our Division


The Planning and Zoning Division is committed to promoting orderly and quality development, as well as providing excellent services to the public. We seek to enhance the quality of life for Coconino County's citizens through:

  • Implementation of the visions and goals for the future of all of the County's communities
  • Guiding sensible and well-integrated built environment
  • Guiding conservation of the resources necessary to create and maintain a thriving environment and economy for future generations