Building and Safety

Fire Information

Multiple wildfires have affected Coconino County this year. Information related to construction and re-entry will be posted here as it becomes available. General fire/emergency information for the County can be found here.

Tunnel Fire Re-Entry FAQs: Please see this document for more information.

After a Disaster Guide (Front) (Back)

Mission of the Building Division

  • First, we work to safeguard public safety, health and welfare.
  • Second, we work to improve the quality of Life with strong, affordable, energy efficient buildings.
  • Third, we work to create a safer community for the people of Coconino County.

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The Online Portal allows you to apply for a permit, make a payment online, view your permit status, or request an inspection. If you have questions about how to use the Online Portal, please contact 928-679-8850 or e-mail

Building Within the Sedona Fire District

The Sedona Fire District, to include Oak Creek Canyon, has adopted the 2018 Wildland and Urban Interface Codes as amended by the Sedona Fire District.  Class 1 ignition resistant construction and fire suppression systems are required, in addition to compliance of the Wildland and Urban Interface Codes.  For additional information, please contact Chief Fire Marshal Dori Booth (928)282-6800. The Sedona Fire Marshal will be conducting concurrent plan reviews with Coconino County to ensure code compliance.     

Please visit the Sedona Fire District’s website at:

Sedona Fire District Amendments to the Wildland and Urban Interface Codes can be located here:

Arizona Registrar of Contractors Information

Please visit this webpage for more details about the AZ ROC and the information/assistance it can provide.

Informational Guides

Building Division

  • Adam Hicks - Chief Building Official - 928-679-8862

Permit Technicians

  • Kathryn Schmidt, Lead - 928-679-8888
  • Tim Kennedy - 928-679-8860
  • Amy Egan - 928-679-8764
  • Kelly Temple - 928-679-8887 


  • VACANT, Lead - 928-679-8896 office, 928-864-8568 cell
  • Ruben Rodriguez - 928-699-8371 cell
  • Rance Coons - 928-607-1188 cell
  • Brad Lawry - 928-607-1187 cell
  • Jaime Urias - 928-326-1398 cell

Plans Examiners

  • Steve White - Lead Plans Examiner - 928-679-8854
  • Robert Hernandez - Plans Examiner - 928-679-8891
  • Tiffany Thomas - Plans Examiner - 928-679-8857


Building Division Emergency After Hours & Weekend Operation Hotline - 928-679-8865

Please call the phone number above for building or building system failures that occur after normal hours of operation. Please leave your contact information and the duty officer will contact you as soon as possible. Please do not use this service for any County business other than EMERGENCY building or utility situations.