Code of the West - Agriculture

Owning rural land means knowing how to care for it and what to expect. Here are a few things you need to know about animals and agriculture.

AGRICULTURAL OR LIVESTOCK BUSINESSES - If you anticipate operating an agricultural or livestock business, be sure to research water rights associated with your land. Obtain accurate information on the quantity of water needed for your desired use. Because the flow rates in an arid climate are unpredictable, there is no guarantee sufficient water will be available at any given time.
NOXIOUS WEEDS - Before buying land, you should know if there are noxious weeds on the property that may be poisonous and expensive to control. In some cases, you may be required to eliminate them.

ANIMALS - Animals can be dangerous and some livestock have been known to attack humans. Teach your children that it is not always safe to enter animal pens.

THE RURAL "AROMA" - Many people who live in rural areas keep livestock on their land. The Coconino County Health and Human Services enforces regulations for the collection and disposal of manure, but objectionable odors may still be present. What else can we say? Living in rural areas means living with the smells inherent in rural life. Development of new residential areas is not grounds for shutting down existing permitted agricultural uses.