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W-2 Login Information

Employee W-2's are now available through ATSPRINTFREEDOM.COM

Login Information
Access ID: coconino (lowercase)
Username: your two digit birth month, your two digit birth day, first initial and your legal last name 
Password: Last four of your Social Security Number.

If you are having an issue logging in or there is an issue with your W-2, please contact 928-679-7175.

July 2017 - Parker Hall Reimbursements Update

Following the Arizona Supreme Court issuing a mandate in the Hall v. EORP lawsuit, EORP and PSPRS members hired on or before July 19, 2011 that had contributions withheld at the new contribution rates implemented as a result of SB1609 will be eligible to receive a refund for the excess contributions, plus interest.  These members are to have all excess contributions, plus interest, reimbursed by their employer.  Effective April 2017 the employee contribution rates for all members hired on or before July 19, 2011, are to revert to the pre-SB1609 rates.
Please refer to the web links below for additional information:

Hall reimbursements summary: http://coconino.az.gov/DocumentCenter/View/18087

Hall reimbursements payroll and AP tax information: http://coconino.az.gov/DocumentCenter/View/18086