Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice Program reviews referrals from juvenile probation on crimes committed by juveniles. Decisions are made based upon severity of crime, recidivism, and other factors as to whether to file a petition, defer prosecution, or not file on the juvenile.


The program provides successful prosecution of juvenile offenders in making recommendations to Juvenile Court regarding consequences relative to the nature of the crime committed by the minor. Recommendations include filing petitions and progression through the formal Juvenile Court System, deferred prosecution, and/or community service. Rehabilitation is paramount in prosecution-related decisions.

Rehabilitation as Primary Goal

The primary goal of the Juvenile System is rehabilitation. This concept encompasses not only a desire to decrease recidivism, but to encourage the youth of our community to avoid criminal or delinquent behavior and become productive members of society. Implicit in all decisions is the ethical and professional consideration for public safety, upholding community values and standards, and protecting the interests of victims. Additionally the prosecutors who administer the program have the responsibility of considering the best interests of the child / offender. Swift consequences are more likely to change the behavior and reinforce a child’s sense of fairness. The desired outcome is to decrease recidivism and to nurture a healthier youth population in Coconino County.