Boards & Commissions

Addressing Our Citizens

Dear Citizen,

County government provides essential services we use every day. Citizens and their government must work together as neighbors to enhance programs and services and to preserve our history.

One of the most important components of a democratic society is public participation. The boards, commissions, committees, and councils provide an opportunity for Coconino County citizens to take an active role in County government.

Some of these bodies have been established by state law; others have been created by the Board of Supervisors. The board strives to maintain cultural, ethnic, geographic, and educational diversity and to draw upon valuable areas of expertise available in our community.

These boards are an important aspect of County government. We are pleased that you have taken an interest in becoming an active participant.

Coconino County

Board of Supervisors

Applications Welcome

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Please Note

Citizens who are appointed by a governmental agency, board or commission, are subject to the same responsibilities and obligations, including open meeting laws, conflict of interest laws and Oath of Office requirements, as any other public official or employee. For more information, please call the Clerk of the Board at (928) 679-7145.